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Module and Course selection for 2024

Kia mōhio kia Rangatira 
To Wisdom with Honour

Course selection for 2024 closes Wednesday, 13th September 

All current students will have individual course counselling in Trimester 3/ Term 4 2023. Exemption requestions will be managed during this time.

Our courses and modules are designed to give our ākonga a broad understanding of the curriculum without limiting the context in which the learning takes place. Most module-based courses are designed to be picked up at any time without relying on previous modules taken and have been constructed to provide flexibility in course choice and, should the need arise, provide opportunities for pursuing courses at more than one level in the same year. 

The modules and courses cater to students planning to go to university, polytechnic, or other tertiary institutions or into trades and for those planning to enter the workforce at the end of Year 12 or Year 13. Ākonga should carefully note recommendations about endorsement on the module information pages. 

Kelston Girls College offers a range of career-related courses that complement our conventional subjects- these include our pathway modules for years 12 and 13 and our Trades courses.  These courses always offer Standards for one or more national qualifications. It is essential to take advantage of the opportunities for advice the school provides as you plan your courses for the coming year. 

Please visit the Careers Department and make an appointment to see Ms Chen or Mrs Hinson if you need help or advice in planning for your future. All ākonga wishing to take a trades course will need to meet with Ms Hinson before receiving approval to take that course.

Module selection for students entering Year 9Module selection for students entering Year 10
Module selection for students entering Year 11
Module selection for students entering Year 12

Course selection for students entering Year 13

How to choose my Courses:

  1. Log into SchoolPoint
  2. Navigate to "Course Selection" in the left-hand navigation
  3. Navigate to "Selection by line" in the sub-menu
  4. Here, you will see each module available in each line in each trimester - it is called My Course summary 
  5. Clicking on these modules gives you more information about the module
  6. You will be navigated to a page that outlines the module and includes useful information such as course details, courses in that learning area/faculty/department and career options relating to that course.
  7. Click the "Add to your Favourites Courses" button to add this course to your favourite list. Click the same button to view a list of your Favourite Courses. Click on the name of the course to remove it.
  8. Click the "+ Select as one of my Courses" button to add this course to your Selected list. Click the same button to remove it. You must click the radio button above to select the line you will take it on. In most cases, there is only one choice of line. 
  9. Click on the "View my Courses" To view a summary of your courses.
  10. To get back to the trimester overview page, click "selection by line" on the right-hand menu.
  11. You will need to also select broad themes for an iPUP. In trimester 1 select your favourite theme, in trimester 2 select your back theme and in trimester 3 select you 3rd favourite theme. Alternatively in Yr 12 and 13 you can select a trade or a subject (limited).