Level 3 Digital Print Design

Course Description

This course has flexibiliy offering a range of Unit and Achievement Standards which gives students the ability to work on a program to suit their individual needs. It leads to a Level 3 Digital Technology course in Year 13. Students will be able to use a range of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign and others as required. Important skills such as planning, designing, problem solving, testing and prototyping will be covered. Not all students are expected to complete all the Unit Standards and Achievement Standards offered. The skills required in this course develop during the year and although we will work on elements of various units over the whole year some will not be awarded until the end of the year when all elements have been completed.
Students will be working in groups and/or individual learning programmes. Google Drive and Classroom will be used so work can be done out of class time and so the teacher can monitor your progress and give feedback/feedforward.

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