Level 1 Digital Information Technology

Course Description

This course covers Digital Information and Media. We use a range of software applications (i.e. Microsoft Office, Google Suite, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) to create original content. Specifically in this course you will make a advertising documents, info graphic and/or website. We will focus on ensuring that our outcomes are easy to use and contain original graphics. Good design habits play an important part in what we do and you will learn how to create print and online media that could be used in the real world.
Assessment will include creating a digital media outcome (brochure), prototyping (website/infographic/advertising material/powerpoint).
Students will be working in groups and/or individual learning programmes. Google Drive and Classroom will be used so work can be done out of class time and so the teacher can monitor your progress and give feedback/feedforward.

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